Healthcare IT venture capital funding up 32% at $1.6 billion in Q3

Date posted: Saturday 24 October 2015

Venture capital (VC) firms invested $1.58 billion through 148 deals in healthcare IT companies, rising 66% year-on-year, a report by Mercom Capital Group. Private equity and corporate venture capital firms invested $1.19 billion (139 deals) in the second quarter of 2015 and $956 million (212 deals) in the same quarter of last year.

Healthcare practice-centric companies raised $357 million in 42 deals; consumer-centric companies raised $1.2 billion in 106 deals; mobile health companies ranked second with $319 million in 59 deals, with mHealth apps receiving $206 million; wearables/sensors receiving $88 million; Personal health and wellness companies accounted for $114 million in 17 deals, followed by practice management companies ($72 million in 5 deals), telehealth ($65 million in 14 deals) and data analytics ($61 million in 14 deals). The top VC funded category this quarter was rating, booking and comparison shopping which brought in $728 million in 15 deals. The report covered a total of 551 companies and investors.

(Economic Times)