Equity Funding

Equity Funding

Equity Funding

Facilitating Companies to raise growth capital, for funding their growth plans and strategies, through Equity Funding. There are various stages of Equity Funding – Venture Capital, Growth Equity, and Buyouts


Equity investments are an important source of capital for start-ups, emerging companies, growing companies and/or highly leveraged companies,  be it  private or public companies. Equity capital can be used to nurture expansions, new product developments, working capital management or restructuring of the company’s operations, management, or ownership.

What do we do:

Typical equity funding engagements have the following tasks, in which the Investment Banking team of NRS works closely with the client’s team in consummating the transaction:

a. Enterprise Valuation
b. Preparation of Information Memorandum (IM)
c. Presentation of IM to investors
d. Short listing of right investors
e. Deal planning/ strategy
f.  Deal structuring
g. Term Sheet Drafting
h. Deal Negotiations
i.  Transaction Document Review
j. Exit planning

How do we do it:
We help the client,

a. By hand-holding them through the multiple stages of deal management such as, brainstorming with the management, understanding the business dynamics, growth objectives, corporate governance issues, and utilization of the funds,
b. In preparing Information Memorandum for the company to present to potential investors,
c. In Structuring the transaction to achieve better valuations,
d. In managing multiple investors with varied offers,
e. In assisting the process of short listing the right investors,
f.  In assisting the due diligence processes,
g. In negotiations during the valuation process and final documentation
h. In effectively coordinating with the various service providers involved in the process.