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Greenfield project planning

Greenfield project planning services

Facilitate the client to plan and execute Greenfield Projects by maintaining focus on key elements of business and help them create a sound foundation for growth.


With ever growing opportunities, passionate businessmen do not hold back from venturing into new lines of business. In recent past, many Greenfield projects have mushroomed, but only a few of them have actually managed to make it big. The risks (competition, market & regulatory) of entering a new line of business are as huge as the potential lying underneath. Industry research, financial and technical planning, regulatory compliances and study of industry framework are some of the steps that will help the Promoters to set up a sound foundation.

What do we do:

Our advisory team partners the management and works very closely with the Promoters in all aspects of business be it Market, Finance, Legal or Tax. Our Advisory team assists the promoters in understanding the market with the help of our Market Analysis Cell (MAC). We actively participate in evaluating the financial viability of the Greenfield Project. If required, we introduce industry experts for evaluating the technical viability of the Greenfield Project. We help promoters in identifying various risks associated with the Greenfield Project such as Competition Risk, Regulatory Risk, Financial Risk, Operational Risk, etc.

How do we do it:

We assist the Promoters in identifying the appropriate Corporate Structure considering the long term goals of the Promoters. Our services include setting up the identified Corporate Structure i.e. Company Formation, Formation of Partnership Firm, etc. With an in depth study of industry economics we help the management steer their business through the initial take off phase. We assist our client in walking through all kinds of regulatory & funding issues which a Greenfield project would face before taking its first step. Our team shares strong relations with Banks, Investors and Legal associates which can be introduced at an appropriate time. In a way, we hand hold the Promoters right from the thought of doing a Greenfield Project through its conceptualization and till its successful implementation.