Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions

Facilitating companies through the entire process of Merger and Acquisition (M&A) including but not limited to identifying targets, laying down the terms and their negotiations, due diligence, drafting of the term sheet & agreement and closure of the transaction.


Companies aspiring for rapid growth in size, market share or diversification in business may find M&A, an Inorganic Growth method, as the better alternative compared to Organic Growth methods.

In today’s world, where the international markets have opened up, M&A have become an important part of business growth strategy. amongst many advantages of M&A, some of the major reasons are,

  • To multiply the strength of the Company’s Products, Resources and Capabilities;
  • To complete the Business Value Chain, by backward or forward integration;
  • Entry into new markets;
  • To get hold of proven technologies, skilled resources and ready market;\
  • To accelerate company’s growth particularly when its internal growth is constrained;
  • To improve profitability.

What do we do:

Our M&A team provides an end-to-end solution for mergers & acquisitions (buy-side and sell-side).The M&A transactions services are divided into two broad categories – Buy Side Advisory and Sell Side Advisory.

Buy Side Advisory:

We provide end-to-end advisory solutions on buy-side engagements. Typical buy-side engagements have the following phases, in which NRS works closely with the client’s team in consummating the transaction:

Phase 1: Target short listing;
Phase 2: Commercial Term Sheet;
Phase 3: Due Diligence;
Phase 4: M&A Agreement and Transaction Closure.

Sell Side Advisory

We work closely with the Boards of companies and their management teams to help them achieve the right sale transaction. Typical sell-side engagements have the following phases, in which NRS works closely with the client’s team in consummating the transaction:

Phase 1: Collateral Preparation;
Phase 2: Target Short listing;
Phase 3: Commercial Term Sheet;
Phase 4: Due Diligence;
Phase 5: M&A Agreement and Transaction Closure.

How do we do it:

Our M&A team has a vast experience in domestic as well as international mergers and acquisitions.

Buy Side Advisory:

We sit with the management to identify the objectives for M&A. Upon understanding the object, we help the management in identifying the targets and shortlisting them. We help the management in preparing their term sheet and ensure that all the key elements are covered. We constantly provide support to the management through each stage of such transaction, including negotiation of terms, preparation of the final agreement and vetting it. We hand hold the management through the various legal and regulatory processes required to accomplish the M&A transaction. Based on our global reach, in-depth industry knowledge, expert associates and broad execution capabilities, we help the management through the entire process of M&A.

Sell Side Advisory

We assist the management in the following tasks

a. evaluating the M&A offer,
b. understanding the term sheet,
c. adding the required terms,
d. negotiating key terms
e. transaction structuring.
f. price discovery through the process of valuation
g. preparation of data in required formats and sharing the same to the Buyer’s Due Diligence Team by setting up Virtual Data Rooms (VDRs) on our FTP server during the process of due diligence.

We don’t just help management to execute the M&A transaction, but also help through the entire process of preparation for such transactions including restructuring of the business entities.