Business Modelling

Business Modelling Services

Help companies simulate and assess outcomes of various business situations by creation of a dynamic Business Model.


The process of creation of Business Model starts at the time of taking Business Strategy Decisions. The essence of a Business Model is that it defines the manner by which the Business Enterprise will operate and manage in future. The Business Model is a measure of evaluating the performance of any Business Enterprise. In modern world, doing a business without appropriate Business Modelling is similar to “groping in the dark”. Hence, for any key business decisions, the Business Modelling is inevitable.

What do we do:

Our Advisory Team and Business Modelling Team understand the business of the client in detail and jointly helps the client to formulate the Business Model in order to simulate and assess its outcome based on various business assumptions. At the time of creating Business Model, we assist the client to capture all elements of the business into the Business Model, to mitigate all the foreseen risks and minimize the possibilities of surprises in future. We also continuously monitors and periodically update the Business Model for capturing all the developments which have occurred since the last update.

Our Business Model design normally includes the following key elements of any business,

a. Description of Business;
b. Corporate Structure;
c. Project Cost;
d. Funding Structure;
e. Revenue structure;
f.  Cost structure;
g. Tax structure;
h. Working Capital Parameters;
i.  Cash flow.

How do we do it:

Our Business Modelling Team would understand the key aspects of the business like revenue model, cost structure, industry structure, product line etc. from the client and Advisory Team. Based on the discussions, the Business Modelling Team will capture all the key elements in the Business Model. Our team, based on its rich experience and knowledge would create “Best case” & “Worst Case” scenarios which would help the client in understanding the extreme situations that may occur in future. The Business Model is so dynamic that we can change any parameter of the key elements and observe the change.