Joint Venture or Strategic Alliances

Joint Venture or Strategic Alliances

Facilitating the companies achieve qualitative and quantitative growth through Strategic Alliances and/ or Joint Ventures.


The prevalent internal resources are limited, be it in terms of knowledge, experience, technology, financial resources, market access or risk capacity. One of the most effective ways to continue to access more resources is to form Strategic Alliance with other players in the market. The underlying philosophy driving successful alliances is “Mutual Growth”. The challenge is posed by the process of identifying strategic alliance partners, finding a niche where the alliance becomes truly mutually beneficial and sustainable and structuring the alliance relationship within prevalent regulatory and legal environment in such manner that it can deliver the desired objectives.

What do we do:

We generally undertake a tailor made assignment as advisors to Strategic Alliance.
Our areas of services may include,

a. Form a Statement of objectives for forming strategic business alliance;
b. Lay down criterion for selection of Strategic Alliance partner;
c. Undertake Cost Benefit analysis of forging alliance;
d. Identify the targets;
e. Negotiate the key terms of alliance;
f. Documentation of Strategic Alliance Agreements;
g. Advise on associated risks/ challenges/ benefits emanating from applicable legal, regulatory and tax regime.

How do we do it:

There are innumerable ways to leverage strategic alliance or partnership for the business growth. The strategic relationship could be explored with a view to gain access to market, technology, technical know how, Brand, expansion of product range, utilization of capacities, meet with technical or financial qualifications to enter new markets, manage geo-political risks, optimize operations cost, better customer service, manage competition, improve top-line or bottom-lines, market consolidation and positioning, access to talent pool and human resource pool and many more.

We focus on forming the Statement of Objective, preparing detailed analysis of expected gains from alliance. We engage in close interaction with the key management team of our client to ensure that the statement of objectives present a detailed and fair view of the management. Based on the Statement of objectives, we undertake the exercise of defining the nature of alliance sought and laying down key criterion for selection of Targets. Our Market Analysis Cell (MAC) undertakes competitive analysis across the industry to identify Target organizations. This exercise is done with active and intense engagement of key management team.

Most Strategic alliance transactions and more particularly cross border alliance transactions entail regulatory compliances and tax consequences. Structuring of strategic alliance transaction within such regulatory and legal framework without compromising with the underlying objectives of all parties to alliance is the most critical element in successful fruition of such transaction. Our understanding and ability to deal with complexity of regulatory, tax and legal environment and access to international network of associates helps us form and evaluate alternatives and their respective cost-benefit to the parties to alliance.