India Entry Services

India Entry Services for Small & Medium Foreign Companies

Addressing the challenges posed by Territory Risks, Geo-political Risks, Time and Distance issues associated with entry in Indian markets, through better understanding of local business environment and planning


India, with its largest young population in the world and more particularly in the backdrop of spectacular GDP growth, offers unprecedented business opportunities. This multi-cultural and multi-faceted market also poses newer and complex challenges to any new entrant. In last decade, not only the large MNCs, but many small and medium companies have been eyeing India as their potential growth market. It is very important for small and medium companies to make a right start by understanding the benefits of Indian fiscal policies to attract the foreign investments as well as the challenges posed, by Regulatory Compliances, Tax and Trade Treaty Planning and IPR protection strategy.

What do we do:

Our India Entry Services encompass end to end advisory covering following areas:

a. Choosing a form of Business establishment and its set up;
b. FDI Regulations and Compliances;
c. Treaty Planning;
d. Policy and Regulatory approvals;
e. Intellectual Property Rights Protection Strategy;
f. Strategic Business Acquisition (Buyside Advisory);
g. Executive Search.

How do we do it:

We prefer to get engaged at an early stage, much before a foreign corporate actually sets up its direct or indirect presence in India, for being able to assist and plan a solid start and entry on sound footing. However, in many cases, we are approached to advise corrective measures at different stages of India entry of a foreign company.

Our India entry team comprises of subject experts and associates who brings in a combination of policy and regulatory knowledge and local working experience. We start the process with understanding the long term plans and expectations of our clients from Indian market, their risk capacities, investment strategy and “Go-to” market strategy. We then apply our understanding about local regulations, Forex Policies, Trade & Tax Treaties and develop alternative plans for India entry strategy. We also render assistance in strategy implementation on need basis.

In this process, our team often works with the Legal and Financial advisors of foreign companies which enhance the management confidence and help faster decision making.

NRS India entry team along with its subject experts and associates become Single window solution for planning and implementation of entry in Indian markets.