NRS is a group of Professional Independent Business Advisors with special focus on Business Growth Advisory Services. In the past Twenty Five years, our Corporate Advisory practice has added value to large numbers of Enterprises across various industries. We have developed insight in wide variety of business sectors including Engineering, Information Technology, Infrastructure, Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution, Petrochemicals, Plastic Processing, Consumer Goods, Agro and Food Processing, Pharmaceuticals, Telecommunication, Healthcare and Financial Services. We have a focused and highly experienced group of consultants who work closely with subject experts and research analysts to deliver globally competitive and effective solutions to the assigned challenges.


We are known for superior client service, which means that we are accessible to our clients, willing to be measured according to their expectations, and we are proactive and clear communicators. Our business is comprised of friendly and informed staff who maintain high levels of integrity. We are known as an objective, superior financial planning firm which clients value because our goals are aligned with theirs.

Our process includes consistent follow-up on investments, risk, and special needs. Clients will say when asked what they value about working with us, that we take care of all of their needs so they don’t have to worry about them.

We primarily serve business owners because their needs are complex and interesting and our unique skill set as a firm allows us to address both the individual and enterprise. Whatever financial need they have, we are the catalyst to help get it done. We will provide the core services in-house to serve our business owner clients, and have implemented a protocol for vetting outsource solutions to complement our own expertise.

We are rapid performance-based, industry-tailored and technology-enabled business advisory services delivered by highly experienced professionals in the industry. Our internal information technology and knowledge management systems enable the delivery of informed and timely business advice to clients.

The team of NRS consists of Management, Finance and Legal professionals having more than 100 man years of professional experience and draws its strength through its global network. With global connectivity and team experience in Asia, U.S., Europe and Africa, NRS is ideally positioned to advise companies on their Cross Border strategies and transactions