Our team provides independent strategic advice on Growth Plan, Financial Plan and Value Creation. We bring in our professional experience in the areas of Business Growth Strategy, Financial Resource Planning, Business Risk Management, Valuation, Transaction Support, Capital Structuring, Financial Analysis and Business Modeling. We have also advised and provided solutions to variety of specific business situations.

Our Expertise:

As a part of Business Growth Advisory Services, our team has developed insight into certain object oriented and mission specific services:

a. India entry services for Small and Medium Foreign companies
b. Cross Border Business Set up services for Indian companies
c. Joint Venture or Strategic Alliances
d. Restructuring for Value Creation
e. Mergers and Acquisitions – Buy Side and Sell Side Services
f. Greenfield Project Planning Services
g. Business Modelling Services

What do we do:

We look at the Client assigned challenge/ situation with long term perspective and undertake a root cause analysis for development of a holistic understanding of the task on hand. When we discuss and execute a project, we carefully consider the client’s corporate strategy. At the same time, we work closely with our clients to build their internal skills throughout all phases of a project.
Generally, we attempt to develop multiple scenarios to come up with alternative approaches/ solutions. Identification of the most effective approach/ solution is the key task where we engage ourselves into close interaction with Key Management personnel of client organization. In this process, we may rope in the subject experts and research analysts to deliver most appropriate solution.
Generally, while dealing with the principal issue on hand, we attempt to identify and deliver great deal of value in peripheral areas. For example, while advising a client on a Strategic Alliance deal, we may end up identifying value creation opportunities in Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) or while advising a scheme of merger, we may integrate many peripheral benefits emanating from the merger.
Due to this approach, we have often found significant change in the nature of transaction or assignment. For example, in a typical capital market fund raising advisory assignment, our preliminary findings have influenced client decision to opt for Private Equity against an IPO/ FPO.
Our Corporate Advisory Team is supported by NRS Market Analysis Center (MAC) (Hyperlink) which offers clients a range of analytical services. Our MAC is a team of dedicated professionals focused on Industry and company analysis. MAC provides continuous support through their research and analysis work for each of our client to provide an analytical view of sector, economy, competition, capital markets and valuation. It also keeps a close track of transactions occurring in sector and maintains an upto date database of key sectorial and market information.